Together with its subsidiaries, Awen Developers is fully involved in every process of its Wellness Real Estate developments, making sure they meet its strict design, construction, operation, and marketing guidelines.

Awen Developers delivers sustainable, wellness-imbued, and intergenerational turnkey developments.

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Creating and designing innovative spaces and communities that integrate state-of-the-art technology and wellness-focused environments to satisfy present demand and meet future trends.

Ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency throughout the construction process.

Comprehensive sales and marketing Wellness Real Estate solutions focusing on for-sale / fractional, for-rent, boutique hotel, and commercial properties.

Building strategic partnerships with renowned, world-class operators to ensure unparalleled hospitality, activities, and services.



State-of-the-art systems (thermic, acoustic, lightweight, monolithic).

Pursuing eco-friendly and wellbeing certifications.

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Use of renewable energy and sustainable services.

Organic produce.

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Architectural and landscape design to promote wellbeing.

Incorporating nature into every space to promote a healthier living.

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Activities that boost holistic wellbeing and develop a connection with nature.